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How our Virgin Coconut Oil produced and Why you should be concerned?

Virgin Coconut Oil can be produced by two common methods:
                    1. Heated (Hot Methods) processes.
                    2. Non-Heated (Cold Methods) processes.

Hot methods apply extreme pressure or high heat to extract the oil from the nut. Cold methods obtain oil without applying heat or pressing the coconut meat mechanically, hence the more common term "cold pressed". While many Virgin Coconut Oil found in the market claim to be cold pressed, the oil you buy may have been heated after extraction to hasten the lowering of the moisture (water) content.

Santa Maria® Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes. Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes do not use heat to lower the moisture level of the oil after the coconut meat is pressed. The coconut and oil are kept below human body temperature at all times during manufacture and storage.

Cold processed virgin coconut oil allows the retention of monoglycerides and other natural anti-oxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E), vitamin A and C which serves as natural preservatives. Heating will destroy these substances leaving only the lauric acid to work alone rather than in conjunction with these micro-nutrients.

Our production starts and ends with our commitment to provide you with the only highest quality virgin coconut oil. We select only fresh and mature organically grown Philippine coconuts (non-copra). We use Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat methods to retain the oil's natural properties and nutritional values. Our multi-stage sediment filtration and careful packaging ensures the clarity and purity of our virgin coconut oil.

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