Where can I buy  Santa Maria Logo  Products?

Buy thru Reseller

Santa Maria® products are sold through our reseller, some
of which carries all our products. Visit or call our reseller at
locations near you.

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CHILE Chile  


JAMAICA Jamaica  

NETHERLANDS Netherlands  

SINGAPORE   Singapore   

PHILIPPINES Philippines  
                 Spas using Santa Maria® Massage Oil

TAIWAN   Taiwan  


Be a Reseller in you area! Contract AmazingFoods Corp
Sales at the number above or click here to email us.



Call 8500000 or AFC Sales

Call our delivery hotline 850-0000
for FREE delivery* within Metro Manila,
San Pedro and Binan, Laguna.

AmazingFoods Corp Sales

Ms. Jessica Gutierrez, +63 920 9074063

*Minimum order apply



AmazingFoodsCorp * Santa Maria, Laguna * PHILIPPINES

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